Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I Think I'm Really a Guy

Okay, not literally. But my characteristics and behavior sure do line up to being a guy.

Granted, the "guy" behaviors are stereotypes but since guys and gals are different and stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason.

When someone shares their problems or concerns, my first instinct is to try to find a way to fix it. I want to be helpful and useful. And yet as a girl, I HATE it when my husband does that!!! Sometimes I just want someone to listen.

I'm hopelessly unromantic. My husband is a lucky man. I am thrilled when he vacuums. That's romance! I don't need any special dates, flowers, cards. Nope. I'm happy with a quick meal at McDonalds and a movie.

My husband occasionally tells me I'm fat. Isn't that horrible?!?! But quite frankly, it doesn't upset me ... once in awhile if it's that time of the month I get annoyed and tell him to hush. But generally I roll my eyes and poke him in the belly. Ha!

I have my girly moments. There are movies and books that make me cry. I have a lot more mommy patience than my husband does.

I find it interesting that we have such set ideas of how girls and women are "supposed" to be. Even in elementary school I felt different than my girlfriends. I was completely boy crazy like they were but I definitely didn't feel as connected emotionally to them as they seemed to be to each other.  Maybe I was more emotional prior to my dad dying (I was 8). But I don't remember a ton before that.


  1. Kind of like the best girl ever. He needs to be nicer. Probably misses the beers sitting on the fence. We miss you guys.