Monday, October 10, 2011

To The Angry People Behind Me at Walmart

It wasn't my fault!

Walmart has a Price Matching policy. Part of that policy is that you don't have to actually bring the ads in with you...just tell them the price of the product you want to price match and the ad it came from. The staff are supposed to have the ads in the store for their local area.

The last couple of months I've had great success doing price matching...I just write up my list of price matches, what stores they were from, and took that list with me to Walmart and they adjusted the prices.

Today was a different day. I got in the line of the lady who I think is the front end manager...and a lady who I "fought" with several years ago over the coupon policy. I'm sure she doesn't remember me...although I was right and she was wrong.

So I had half a dozen items to price match, some of which were really great deals. Instead of going to multiple stores, I love being able to get stuff all in one place. Albertsons had Nestle Morsels on sale for $1.49. Safeway has Barilla Pasta Sauce for $1.69.

It was a very busy time at Walmart and after waiting in line at least 10 full minutes it was my turn...and there were at least four people with full carts behind me.

This lady INSISTED on checking the ads for each and every item I was price matching. Seriously.

I realize why...and I get it. But it didn't make the people behind me any less annoyed. I could hear the comments. It only added, maybe five minutes, but that's a long time in line.

On the plus side. I saved more than $21 using coupons and price matching. I love getting Chocolate Chips for $0.99 and S&W Beans for $0.24. Enduring a few grouchy comments is worth it for me.

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