Friday, October 7, 2011

A Coffee Maker for People Who Don't Drink Coffee

For Father's day I decided that hubby needed a new coffee machine. Our office got a Keurig coffee maker as an open house gift when we first moved in (the boss' wife bought it for him). It was so cool that I knew we had to have one.

I don't drink coffee. The great thing about the Keurig is that it brews way more than just coffee. I got ours at Costco. They sell them at other stores, like Kohls. But at Costco they sell it with extra accessories and extra coffee cups, called "K" cups.

To brew a cup, you literally just push a button. The K cups make a good standard size coffee cup and if you want to make more you can brew through one just makes it a little weaker the second time. And alternatively you can pop in a second one to brew. 

The K cups are awesome. Hubby used to make an entire pot of coffee and waste three quarters of he can make one cup at a time. And choose different flavors depending on his mood.

I'm still buying coffee beans though because one of the accessories is a reusable K cup - you grind your beans and put the coffee in the the reusable cup. It's the best of both worlds. lets us brew yummy hot chocolate and tea (although I don't drink tea either).

If you're in the market for a new coffee maker, and can shell out $150, go for it. We haven't been disappointed.

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