Monday, January 14, 2013

The Making of a Tourmaline Necklace

Sometimes I like to make super simple pieces of jewelry - because, really, simple is classic. But then I get a bug to make something a little more complicated. Although this isn't complicated in execution as far as technique it is multi-stepped and time consuming.

I have these teenie tiny multi colored Tourmaline stones and they look amazing when put together in a fading color change pattern. In my infinite wisdom I decided it would be "fun" (hahahaha) to hand wire wrap each and every stone onto a sterling head pin and sterling chain. Phew.

So here are the steps I went through...over the course of three or four hour (I lost track of time).

Starting with one inch sterling silver headpins - these are the smallest headpins out there.

The pile of Tourmaline stones that didn't make the cut...mostly because their drilled holes were too small to fit on the headpins! 

Lining up by shade the "winning" stones.

It's "simple" but super time consuming. And by the end of the wire wrapping my hands were starting to ache.

But I think the effort was worth result:

 What do you think?

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