Thursday, January 3, 2013

A New Year of Firsts - First Day of School

Marshal had his very first day of school today. I was quite unemotional about the whole thing...mainly just excited for him and wanting it to be a great experience. I'm pretty sure hubby was more emotional overall.

And overall it went great. He was super clingy to daddy when we got there and wanted to be carried everywhere.

All kids, even the three year olds, have to "sign" in with their pre-school you just have to trace over the letters of your name. Marshal traced over his M (a little shakily) and didn't want to do more but I was proud of him for doing at least one letter.

He got his own hook for his bag and coat and hung up his own stuff before going into his new classroom.

Not sure why these photos are sideways...darn Blogger.
The class is small - just six other students, he makes seven. And there are two teachers. Lots of personal attention which is great for him since he's so used to being the center of the universe.

He will go to school two days a week from 8:30 to 11:15 so it's not like he's getting dumped into an institution all week (yet). And he seems to have really enjoyed it. His teachers said he did a great job and even went told them when he had to go potty (one of my major concerns!). They said it was pretty obvious he wasn't used to sitting still in that kind of environment but that he always asked to get up and was very polite. *Proud Mommy Moment*

We went out to lunch afterwards (he asked to go to a restaurant and go inside...not drive through...he's so specific) and I reminded him that we weren't going to do that every time after school. But since it was his first day we figured it'd be a nice treat.

It boggles my mind that just over three years ago he was just a little tiny thing and now he's starting school.

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