Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Organize Meal Delivery for Times of Need with MealTrain

A facebook friend lost a child suddenly last week. I cannot even comprehend the loss and pain this brings. When a major event happens in a family's life it creates havoc, not just because it throws people into an emotional tailspin (whether death, birth, marriage, or divorce or even a major injury or illness) but it throws off people's schedules. Including their meals!

I know when my dad died, my mom remembers people bringing meals to her and how much it helped.

But what if three people bring dinner one night and then no one brings anything for a few days?

Enter Meal Train.

Organize and help make sure meals are covered for a family or individual during their time of need. If hubby and I ever have another little kiddo I'd sure love something like this. You get to pick a date to delivery a meal and can see where the biggest need is.

I love that they even have an etiquette section with some great tips.

My Facebook friend posted it and I wish they also had an option to pay for a meal because I live so far away I can't exactly drop by with food. And I'm thinking my freezer burritos wouldn't travel cross country very well.

I'd never heard of this website but think it's an outstanding idea. Imagine a church using this to plan meals for people in need. Simply fantastic!

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