Monday, December 5, 2011

More Gift Ideas - Christmas 2011

For some reason this year I haven't got a huge list of people to buy gifts for...there are some depressing reasons for this, but also just fewer gift obligations.

If I could, I'd love to get these gifts for people...but maybe you could find them the right home.

Don't tell, but I may have to order one of these for a stocking stuffer for a certain sister in law. These big Twig colored pencils are so cool.

Well, you can't have this particular one 'cause I'm getting it for hubby's stocking. But SoFino has lots of other options that are sure to meet your needs. And it's such a unique and cool idea.

Have a stressed mom, grandma, aunt, niece, or really anyone? This eye pillow is the perfect calming gift.

And this is the ultimate cool gift for any Harry Potter fan. Although I don't love the idea of an HP book being mutilated, I love this idea...a secret safe made from a Harry Potter book!

Happy Shopping!

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