Friday, December 2, 2011

Gymnastics with a Two Year Old - Stretching

Marshal started doing gymnastics a few months ago. It's been an interesting experience.

He wasn't quite two when we started...and had only had one month of daycare so his "classroom" experience was extremely limited. It's a mom and tot class so I'm "lucky" enough to participate as well (please read the sarcasm there).

Class starts with the stretch circle where all the kids have to go get their carpet squares (or circles). Marshal picked this up pretty quickly and can pick out and then put away his carpet pretty easily.

Stretching is a foreign concept to a two year old. But moving his knees up and down like a butterfly is fun. And pointing out the butterfly catcher and then ducking is fun. So is smelling your stinky toes.

Oh, and stretching with your legs straight out is actually making a pizza or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Or chocolate chip cookies. It's fun.

Especially when you get to pound the peanuts to make the peanut butter. Then you "slice" your pizza or sandwich so you can eat one side and then the other.

Marshal isn't quite there but last class he held his stretch for the count of ten...which was a first.

I'm not sure how our teacher Katrina has the patience to put up with a class of two year olds and their parents. I barely have the patience to last the 50 minute class. Especially when Marshal is grouchy. But it's a fun experience.

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