Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Where Can Mommy Run Away to?

It's been a rough road since I returned from Tucson at the beginning of February. The last week has been the worst. Rough communication with the hubby drove me a little batty. And a very sick and crying nighttime baby has me sleep deprived and frazzled.

Last week I threatened to run away twice. Were do mommies go when they lose it?

Monday we met with a pediatric Gastroenterologist. Dillon has suffered for what seems like his whole little life with gas. It has gotten worse and worse over time. Finally I was becoming desperate so I started documenting our problems to our pediatrician. I'm SO thankful for Group Health and their online system. Emailing my doctor at 1 am in the morning does a lot for my peace of mind.

She put in a referral to the Gastroenterologist and a prescription for Zantac, which seemed to help a little, but not a lot. The Gastro doctor put him on Omeprazol (sp?) instead because it's a stronger medication. We aren't sure how well it's working yet because it's only been three days but I'm hopeful.

Then Tuesday we were blessed by someone else's misfortune. :) Someone cancelled their appointment with the speech therapist and we were able to snag it. So we had a feeding evaluation and D is food averse. :( Basically he's had so much pain from trying to eat that he doesn't like food anymore. He bit into a Cheerios and immediately threw up... it barely even touched his tongue. The therapist was amazing and wonderful. She gave us some thickening gel for his formula. Since we started it he hasn't thrown or spit up! That alone is a miracle.

But last night was the roughest night in awhile. I'm pretty patient with littlest man usually. I know he's in pain, not trying to be stubborn so I'll hold him, when he's up at night. Last night he cried, screamed, writhed, and was miserable for two hours before I gave up. My wonderful husband took over, even though he had to get up at 5 am for work. I was in tears and working on just 30 minutes of sleep.

I'm not sure what it is, but daddy seems to have the magic touch when putting baby to sleep. I don't always approve of his methods, but they seem to work.

I'm thankful for a kind husband, but I'm also thankful for an amazing friend. She watches the boys part time (and sometimes not so part time) and she texted me today that Dillon was yanking on his ear, fussy while eating, and crying a lot. And he only slept for 30 minutes all day.

Thank God for a wonderful friend. And I'm thankful I listened to her because I called the doctor and got him in... less than an hour after I called. Again, thank you Group Health Olympia! Sure enough, a bad double ear infection.

My poor little man. He is such a happy baby when he's feeling well. He's smart and sweet and a friendly little boy. Even the doctor we saw commented about how he seems older than almost 9 months.

I'm thankful this day is over... and I'm praying for a better night's sleep. I'm praying for healing for my littlest boy. And I'm prayerfully thankful for a wonderful friend who loves and cares about my boys.

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