Monday, February 3, 2014

Tucson 2014 - Day 5 and Day 6

And on Day 5 the Seahawks won the Superbowl. Nothing else mattered in our world. Food and Fun!

Day 6 was a planned site seeing day. So no shows for me. I'm cutting my show schedule by almost half. But since I'm pretty much out of money that's not such a bad thing.

We left the house early and headed to Tombstone. Oh my fun! We could have spent the entire day there but we actually had booked two things today so we only had a few hours in Tucson.

The first thing we did when we arrived is dress up and have our photos taken. I was, of course, an outlaw. Marshal was a Sheriff. And my mom was a Floozy. hahahahaha It was great. Marshal had so much fun.

We headed to a bank robbery next. Thankfully they schedule all their killins in Tombstone. ;)

The scene of the bank robbery.
Shooting at one of the bad guys from the show.
After Tombstone we high tailed it to the Karchner Caverns. You have to be there one hour before your show time, but as with most of those warnings it's mostly important only on busy days. Monday is not a busy day. We were a few minutes late and still had plenty of time. There is a movie that plays every 15 minutes and we had time to watch most of it before the guide called our time.

You are not allowed to bring ANYTHING into the cave. Seriously. No photos are allowed, which of course drove me bonkers.

Kids are not allowed in the big room tour. We went on the smaller tour in the Rotunda/Throne room. You take a little tram up to the entrance - after storing all your stuff in a locker. They don't even want you to take off a coat or sweatshirt without rolling it up so that no lint comes off. As you walk into the cave you go through several rooms. One sprays you with a fine mist of water to hopefully water you down so you don't lose too much skin or lint.

And you cannot touch anything except the railing. This created quite a challenge with Marshal who was the only kid on the tour. He did awesome. It was hard and he asked lots of questions while the guide was speaking, but for a four year old I could not have expected better. In order to make sure he didn't touch anything I ended up carrying him half the tour. He is getting heavy!

This cave system is incredible. It's hot and humid and I actually felt a little claustrophobic. Toward the end I felt like it was hard to breath - but that could also be because I was carrying a 4 year old!

The story of how this cave was found is amazing and, as usual, I am in awe of God's majesty in nature. It boggles my mind to see the amazing formations in the cave - from stalactites, stalagmites, soda straws, "bacon", and "popcorn" (they use a lot of food names to describe some of the formations) - the beauty is surreal. And thinking about how long it takes to form things is beyond comprehension.

The Throne Room

Soda Straws
If you are ever in Arizona and can manage it, check out this cave. It will blow your mind. Just don't wear a sweatshirt or have claustrophobia!

Tomorrow we get back to shopping. Though at a much slower pace and smaller scale.

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