Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Great Trip to Walmart

Shopping at Walmart can be a hit or miss experience sometimes. Occasionally the items I'm looking for are not stocked, though it's a rare occurrence.

Usually my mood in leaving the store is set at the checkout counter. Is the checker competent at taking coupons and price matching? Is the line ridiculously long? Are there even enough cashiers available? And are the customers behind me patient?

Today I got lucky!

Middle of the day on a rare hot Saturday - the checkout lines were not super long even though there weren't very many cashiers open.

After getting in line I realized I'd forgotten two bags of Cheetos - necessary for my price matching options and needed for two potlucks. The woman who had gotten in line behind me could tell the second I realized I'd missed them and encouraged me to "run" back to get them. I let her know I would walk running is not currently an option.

New baby Dillon

(Why do the chips have to be so far away from the front of the store???)

When I got back this sweet old lady was unpacking my cart for me! The gal in front of me was just finishing up. Talk about sweet.

Of course, it kind of messed up my OCD organization of items...I group things so that all the price matched items are together. But it was so nice of I sucked it up and didn't have a panic attack. :)

The cashier was not the friendliest of gals but she was competent and took all my price matching in stride. It always takes a long time - I wish their technology would allow them to price match faster since Walmart makes such a big deal about being able to do it.

I love price matching. Their soda regular price is $3.98. It was on sale at QFC and Albertsons for $2.75 a piece. That's a savings of $1.23 per twelve pack. Now, obviously NOT buying soda is a better option but that's not going to happen so saving $1.23 makes me very happy. I bought 8 twelve packs - saving $9.84. Plus another $1 savings from a coupon.

Using Price Matching I also saved on Cheetos, Eggo Waffles, Ragu, Kraft Mac & Cheese, Powerade, and Totino's pizza. Nope...not the healthiest items. But on my list nonetheless.

So today's trip was good. Lots of savings, a good cashier, and friendly and helpful fellow customers. Plus it's super sunny outside!

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