Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's Been Awhile and We Have News

I thought it'd actually been two months since I'd updated my blog but really it's only been a month. So at least that's some thing.

It was hard to stay away but I knew if I tried to blog all I'd want to talk about is being pregnant and we didn't tell people until Thanksgiving day when we announced the news to the family.

This was our announcement ...

My uncle noticed first. Then my little cousin who proceeded to shout "Are you pregnant?" so everyone looked over.

Marshal is so excited to be a big brother and he seems convinced that he's getting a sister. We have no way of knowing yet what we're having as it's still a little too early. In fact my first ultra sound is today.

I'm sure this blog will get very boring with pregnancy news but I do want to document our progress...like a diary. :)

Now that the secret is out I won't have to stay away.

I got Marshal's shirt on Etsy from this awesome shop called Zoey's Attic.

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