Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Winco Now Promoting Ibotta

Shopping Monday at Winco and found it interesting to see them promoting Ibotta.

At the entrance there's a little stand that typically has some coupons. I grabbed one and noticed they were for some Kraft cheese items. Which was perfect because I knew these items were also on Ibotta.

As I looked closer, down in the corner of the page was the Ibotta logo and a note about getting the ap and saving even more.

How cool is that?!? This store is encouraging us to double dip.

I got four things of Kraft cheese (it is my favorite and I realize it can be more expensive than generic...but I can tell the difference) and earned $3.25 from Ibotta and got $2 taken off in coupons from Winco.

Have you tried Ibotta? * It's totally legit and an easy way to get rebates on items you buy every day. To date, I've earned $129.25 in cash back. It goes to my paypal account when I cash it out, or they now offer gift cards! Great gift cards like Starbucks, Regal Cinemas, and iTunes.

* This is my referral link...I think I get a dollar if you sign up. :) But I'd recommend it even if I got nothing.

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