Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sending A Newsletter

Nearly two years ago I sent a newsletter. Yup. Almost two years ago.

And today I sent another one. Phew. I've gotta catch my breath here. Hope I'm not bothering people.

I have a hard time sending newsletters. What do I say? Or in this case write. Am I boring people? Will they unsubscribe?

It's nerve wracking.

But I've never completely given up my newsletter. I did, however, forget my log in entirely and had to have the staff at Mail Chimp help me recover my account, and all the credits I have saved up. They were fabulous, although their verification process was akin to a very personal doctor's appointment. But at least they're thorough.

Mail Chimp is easy to use and yet has enough bells and whistles that it can easily be overwhelming for a novice like me. I try to keep it simple. They help by walking you through each step to create an effective "campaign" (as they call it) and making sure you're not screwing up or being too spammy.

My goal is to have two separate newsletter lists - one for people interested in my jewelry creations and the other for those who want updates on my supply shop. That way I can target my emails easily without having to bug everyone at the same time.

I'm all about not bugging people...most of the time.

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