Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Spending Quality Time

As the baby in my belly grows I get a little more nervous about how my little Marshal man will react come the arrival. I'm not the best mom...sometimes I want my alone time and let Marshal play Angry Birds or watch cartoons too much. But I do want to spend special time with him now and when the baby arrives.

Last weekend I took him on a "date" to Burger King and Walmart. :) Sounds silly but it was really fun. We purchased a Gingerbread Train, which we then put together Tuesday night.

Date Night

Gingerbread Train

Cutting down the Christmas Tree Saturday
When daddy is home I step aside as much as possible to let them bond, but since he's with me most of the time it's tough to get him to unlatch. I want them to bond ... and it's especially hard when daddy is working nights.

This weekend we are planning a trip to Zoo Lights in Seattle and I can't wait. =) It's going to be a full family bonding event with daddy, me, Marshal, and Aunt Jennifer.

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